20+ years in IT operations, security, automation and administration of complex IT systems at big companies. I'm also a co-author of SV manager, an automation, monitoring and alerting solution for Solana Validator.

How does Solana staking work?

For the Solana network to be fast, efficient, and censorship-resistant, it requires a number of independent validator nodes (or simply validators). The validators participate in adding new blocks to the blockchain, which happens every 400 milliseconds.

The Solana network is using the Proof-of-Stake model. This means that each Validator, in order to perform its crucial functions, needs to hold a so-called stake – a bunch of SOL delegated by other people. The stake is used to vote on each new block.

Delegating your SOL to a validator is called staking. Solana blockchain rewards delegators by giving out approximately 7% p.a. for their staked funds; your validator receives these rewards for you and adds them to your staked SOL after deducting a small fee.

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